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At the moment we stock almost 1,000 different vibrators in 16 different categories and let me start by saying they are probably not all suitable for you.

Vibrators come in a few different materials some hard, like coated plastic or metal and others soft, like jelly or rubber or silicone. Also you need to be aware of the size of the vibrator when ordering. Anything over 7 inches insertable would be big so just be sure you know what you are ordering. The measurements given on vibrators are usually a combination of

  • Insertable Length - Well the length of vibrator that you can insert
  • Girth – This is the diameter at the widest part of the insertable length
  • Length – which is the total length of the vibrator tip to tip.

Vibrators have many functions and shapes too, there are double-ended, strap-on, rabbits, G-Spot, Remote Controlled, Wands and Massagers, Jelly etc.

First I'm going to go through each of the main types of vibrator and tell you how they look and work briefly.

Rabbit VibratorsRabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators are probably the most popular vibrator. These are designed to massage the clitoris with the protruding vibrating rabbit ears while offering vaginal arousal with the shaft of the vibrator. The protruding part is not always a little rabbit ears but this is how the original looked and defined the category.

These are best for clitoral stimulation and are generally a good all-rounder and a good vibrator to start with but as its popularity shows it is loved by experts too.

Bullet VibratorsBullet Vibrator

Bullet Vibrators are just pure vibrators with simple controls and simple to use. They are usually made from metal and sometimes plastic so are always rigid. They are used as massagers internally and externally and are the most versatile of all vibrators. Good at everything master of none and super simple to use. They are often supplied with sleeves to offer a variety of textures but their basic function as a vibrating uni-directional massage is really unchanged.

Again an obvious one for a beginner but nearly every seasoned sex toy aficionado has a bullet in their bedside locker. They also come as the vibrating component of many other toys.

Classic VibratorsClassic Vibrators

Classic Vibrators are where they all began. In the beginning vibrators were designed to look like a real penis. Technology has improved and now with realistic virtual skin modern ‘classic’ vibrators are getting closer and closer to the real thing. Some of them even have ejaculating functions ahem without the possible side-effects or consequences.

These are used in much the same way you would hope he would use his penis. Like a bullet a good all-rounder and for those who want a realistic feeling.

Luxury VibratorsLuxury Vibrators

Not really a separate category of vibrators but we have them separate because they are the highest quality vibrators you can buy. Obviously they tend to be dearer but they also tend to be quieter and will last longer. They also tend to have stronger vibrations and have a design aesthetic that other models don’t have.

Not a vibrator to begin with unless money is no object but a purchase here is probably a bedroom partner for years to come.

G-Spot VibratorsG-Spot Vibrators

Well as the name suggests these are primarily focused on G-Spot stimulation. They are usually shaped to reach the hard to find erogenous zones. Most g-spot vibrators also include an element of clitoral stimulation and try to achieve a multi-orgasmic combination stimulating g-spot and clitoral areas.

These are designed for girls who love g-spot stimulation obviously and internal vaginal massage. But you will also find that most of the slimmer g-spot vibrators work really well at male prostate vibrators too.

Remote Controlled VibratorsRemote Control Vibrators

These are either hands free remote controlled vibrators or partner controlled. Remote controlled vibrators are great fun for couples and can usually be worn normally under cloths. They are usually quiet and offer the chance to have some great fun in public places or in the bedroom.

They nearly all come in the egg shape but are available in rabbits and even vibrating pants. There are even some that can be worn while having sex. Great fun but probably not the main go-to vibrator more for couples and for play time. Saying all that can be really versatile and personally I live mine and use it solo all the time.

Jelly VibratorsJelly Vibrators

Jelly vibrators are your flexible friend that are ultra-soft and nearly always waterproof too. The flexibility allows you to find places that you normally wouldn’t and the feeling is silky smooth. They have a bullet vibrator embedded within and nearly always offer multiple speeds and vibrations.

Again a great vibrator and all-rounder for beginners but be aware what you are buying is a flexible soft vibrator.

Finger Vibrators

These little beauties slip onto the finger and enhance the tension releasing sensations directly where you want them. With precision control they allow to massage exactly where you want or to allow your partners to control the pleasure. Waterproof and quiet they are great in the shower or bath and great with couples or for a solo pleasure. The add a real relaxing sensual erotic pleasure to your lovemaking.

Small and mighty a perfect partner for when you need to relax.

Strap-on VibratorsStrap-on Vibrator

Strap-on vibrators sound scary but they don’t have to be. They also don’t have to have straps! A strap-on is any vibrator that is worn by a man or woman that is used to pleasure their partner and often themselves too. Both men and woman can use or be used with a strap-on. Some are hollow to act like an penis extension if you wish. Most have a four-way strap that holds the strap-on in place but some are held in place by a woman inserting one end with the other end protruding to be used on their partner very much like a double-ended vibrator. Obviously they can be used for both vaginal and anal sex.

Again probably are not the first vibrator you want to buy and are kind of specific in the nature of their use. But for willing couples are a great experience. Not really a solo toy either.

Wand VibratorsMassager and Wand Vibrators

Massagers and Wands are used as dedicated uni-point massaging toys. Most are really only for external stimulation. They are often used for a more relaxing experience to help heal and relax the body and mind.

But the wand style vibrators made famous by Hitachi have now been copied to death. These are come of the most powerful vibrators and great for super powerful pinpoint stimulation.

Great sex toys but probably not a first buy because of the limited functionality saying that what it does, it does very well.

What to Choose?

To help you decide which vibrator is for you, you will need to answer a few questions

  • Do you want specialise in Clitoral Stimulation?
    • If yes go for a Bullet Vibrator or Clitoral Vibrator
  • Do you want both Clitoral and G-Spot Stimulation?
    • If yes well you want a Rabbit Vibrator.
  • Do you want a life-like realistic penis look and feel to your vibrator?
    • You want a realistic dildo vibrator or a Classic or a Jelly
  • Do you want to use it in water?
    • Well check and make sure it is fully waterproof like our waterproof selection. Most vibrators are nowadays.
  • Do you want it to be extra quiet and discreet?
    • Check out our quiet category and luxury selections
  • Do you want to carry this around or bedside locker?
    • Make sure you check the size a small quiet wand is best for carrying around.
  • A vibrator to use with my partner?
    • This could mean a few things maybe it’s a remote control vibrator or finger vibrator, but it could also mean a strap-on or a double-ended vibrator or a finger vibrator. Maybe even a vibrating cock ring see there really is a world of options.

My advice is to make sure you know what you want it for, a specialist vibrator is great at one or two jobs but to start try an all-rounder might not be great at everything but it will be super versatile and will let you know what kind of vibrator stimulation works best for you.

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