Sex Shop Glossary

With the world of sex toys becoming more popular and adding new and exciting gadgets every day sometimes it can be difficult to tell your bullet from your butt plug. This can be very off putting and can create a sense that this world of sex toys is not inclusive. 

Sex Toys are wildly popular. For instance twice as many women in Ireland have a vibrator than a iPhone. Almost 4 times as many people in Ireland have used a sex toy than those who smoke. This is main stream and we wanted to help make it more inclusive.

Hopefully with our handy glossary we might be able to help you get to grips with some of the jargon. This glossary will grow over time but we'll start with the most obvious ones.

ANAL BEADS: Small balls on a string that are inserted into the anus and then pulled out again to create sexual stimulation.

BEN-WA BALLS: (sometimes called Duo balls or Kegel Balls). A pair of balls that are inserted into the vagina. They have ball bearings on the inside that create small vibrations when you move. They can be used as stimulation in their own right or when doing Kegel exercise.

BLOW-UP DOLLS: A life-sized doll that can be used as a faux sex partner. Though they are often bought as a gag gifts. Now they can be bought made of high end silicone and can be anatomically correct.

BUTT PLUG: (sometimes called an Anal Plug) A toy specifically designed for anal play that can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, depending on personal preference. As it can be inserted, it usually has a flared end that can make for easy retrieval.

CLITORAL STIMULATION: A vibrator that can be used to stimulate the clitoris or any external erogenous zones. These can be bullets, wands, rabbits, vibrators held to the body with straps.

COCK RING: (also known as Erection Ring, C-Ring) A ring of leather,metal or soft stretchy material worn around the base of the penis or under the testicles to help achieve a larger, harder erection for longer. Check out our blog all about cock rings.

CYBERSKIN ™ : The soft flesh like material that a lot of sex toys are made from.

DILDO: A cylindrical shaped object that is designed for sexual play. It can be inserted vaginally or anally and used to simulate sex. Some are made to look like real penises while others have different shapes and colours. They can be made from silicone, jelly-like material,glass, stone even wood.

DOUBLE ENDED DILDO: (also known as Double Ended Dong) A double ended dildo so both ends can be used sometimes by two people of inserted Anally and Vaginally at the same time.

DOUCHE: (Anal Douche) I simple device that is use to clean the rectum. In general a bulbous end is filled with warm water and a tapered nozzle is attached. It is inserted into the anus and you press the bulbous end to shoot the warm warm to clean the rectum. You are advised to retain it for a minute or so. Repeat until the water is returned clean.

ELECTRO TOYS: Sex Toys that incorporate some low voltage electric current for added stimulation.

EXTENDER: A device, usually a sleeve that can be attached to the end of the penis to add length and sometimes girth.

GLASS DILDO: These are literally dildos that are made from non-porous glass. The unique sensation is that first off they are heavy and super smooth and non-flexible. But also you can add temperature play too. As you can warm up or cool down the glass dildo using warm water or iced water (or the fridge) prior to play for a totally different experience.

HARNESS: This is a harness that can be worn that allows the wearer to hold a dildo attached like a penis. It can then be used like a penis for sex.

LUBRICANT: To add extra “wetness” to help with insertion, vaginally or anally. That is used during intercourse or masturbation. Check out our blog entry on different lubes  

MASSAGER WAND: A vibrator, that originally worked from being plugged into the mains, used to stimulate the clitoris and other external erogenous zones. Originally designed for massaging sore and tense muscles, they can now be bought in a variety of sizes, different vibrations and battery operated.

MASTURBATER: A device used by men while masturbating. They come in a wide variety. Some have the opening shaped like mouths, vaginas or anuses. Some are designed to look like flashlights so they can be hidden in plain sight. Some are textured sleeves to add extra stimulation. You can buy ones that can be reused, or ones that are one use and then throw away.

NIPPLE CLAMPS: Small clips or devices that can be attached to the nipples. Some have chains attached, some have weights and some even vibrate.

PENIS PUMP: You insert your penis and suction is employed to help create a vacuum that draws blood into the shaft of the penis creating a bigger erection. Often used with a cock ring. NIPPLE PUMPS and CLITORAL PUMP work along the same lines as a penis pump, they are just smaller.

RABBIT: A vibrating dildo that has an added part for clitoral stimulation that can vibrate/move independently of part of the vibrator that can be inserted. On the original rabbit the clitoral stimulator was shaped like rabbit ears but now they come in a variety of shapes.

REALISTIC: A dildo modeled on an actual penis or a masturbator modeled on an actual vagina/anus.

SEX SWING: A swing style device that allows you to experience a weightlessness for extra sexual options and positions.

SILICONE: An expensive material that most high end sex toys are made from. Really smooth and sensuous to the touch.

STRAP-ON: A dildo or vibrator that is attached via a harness, that can then be used to penetrate your partner. Not all strap-ons need a harness. Some have an extra part that can be inserted in the vagina, where the muscles hold it in place and both partners receive pleasure.

SUCTION CUP: Literally a suction cup like a large version of the rubber suction pads on the end of toy bow and arrows. These are attached to some dildos and anal toys to allow you to stick the toys to any smooth surface (shower wall, bath, tiles, floor etc) to allow you to play hands free.

VIBRATOR: A dildo (or sometimes a butt plug) that you can place batteries in to create vibrations that add stimulation. Can be used for internal or external play.