The discreet comfort lube that works in every scenario

I’m happy I’ve started testing the waterbased lubes.

I want to know what I can expect from them, which ones are the best for sensitive people? Which ones last the longest? How slippery are they?... 

I have lots of questions, and I love to experiment.

The Kiki Travel Comfort Natural Lubricant is often overlooked. To be honest I wasn’t paying much attention either. Until one day I was actually recommended to try this lube by someone who is a big fan of it and buys it regularly. 


The tube is quite small and actually nothing indicates that it is a lube, so this is the most discreet lube I have ever seen. Looks very low-key and innocent.

It is only 50 ml so it is super easy to bring with me anywhere because of the small size. It doesn’t have the usual pump, but has a proper lid, which also closes properly, so I don’t have to worry about any accident while I’m on the go with my small, discrete lube for an adventure. :D I think this is one of my kinks: looking innocent, but knowing that I am actually not, open to a lot of things. 


The Kiki Travel Comfort Natural Lubricant doesn’t contain sugar or parabens, which is also a good point, but I don’t really understand why it is important to mention that it is gluten free (I have never encountered a lube with gluten). I have to add here that this lube contains glycerine so if you have some glycerine related sensitivity, then this stuff wouldn’t be the right choice for you.

This is a waterbased lube so it is suitable for all kinds of toys, yeeee. 

Scent and taste

I can really appreciate a lube that is totally tasteless and fragrance free. I love that natural taste and scents of sex and it is a gift for me when I can have that without alterations. I like flavoured lubes too occasionally for variety but neutrality is my usual preference. So for me this is also a plus here.

Sliding and longevity

It is super easy to get even just a little bit of lube out of the tube. The consistency is quite thick and stays put where it landed. Or you have to massage it to spread or it will start to glide because of the warmth of the body. It is very easy to spread the gel and cover a bigger area. It doesn’t become sticky at all, but it will be absorbed in the body like a slow absorbing lotion. It has a moisturising effect which I can also feel and it is very refreshing. 

The longevity is kinda medium for me. The Skins Aqua, the ID Xtreme and the System JO are much better in this area, but there is an interesting thing. When the area where you applied the gel is nice and hydrated then it starts to last much longer. Which to me feels very healthy. Also when it is absorbed the skin feels supple and even though it is not wet, the skin still glides comfortably. I personally like it a lot in my self-pleasure drawer and love to use it, because I need just a little bit, it feels good and natural. It lasts longer when I have some juice of my own and it all provides a lot of ease.


I really love this lube. It is moisturising, discreet, easy to handle, feels good, not sticky, tasteless and fragrance free… 

It is an ideal choice for general everyday use or on the go. If you need a heavy duty, hardcore waterbased lube, then I would recommend to choose the ID Xtreme or the Fist it lubes.

Click here to get the Kiki Travel Comfort Natural Lubricant.

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