Pleasure those delicious nipples with confidence

Nipples can be very orgasmic. Even if at the moment you think about your nipples as numb, it is most probable that you can support them to open up for way more pleasure, even orgasms. And nipple play is not “just” for women. I know several men who are experts in their own and (partners') nipple orgasms, so try to be open and explore, because there is always more…

When it is about hard and happy nipples there is so much more than licks, touches or pinches, so let’s talk about other options.

Make those nipples hard and tingly

Using essences


Orgasm gels and clitoral drops are not “only” for the clitoris, but you can use them on any area where you want more blood flow and plumpness. They will make the nipples bigger and more sensitive, ready for more play.

Why not try the Just Play Orgasm Gel or the Orgie - Sexy Vibe Liquid Vibrator.


If you want to create a luxurious experience, try the High On Love Stimulation Orgasm Oil with cannabis oil. 

Massage the essences in, and enjoy the enhances sensation

Using temperature

Cold temperature is also perfect for hardening nipples and making them more sensitive. Use ice or very cold water drops to awaken the area even more.

And of course you can combine this sensation with some blows and let your nipples enjoy more flow and stimulation.

Nipple pumps

Nipple pumps come in different sizes to fit different nipples. Adjustability of the sucking intensity is essential, because nipples vary in sensitivity as well.

I have to add here, that this sensitivity can also change and just because the last time you wanted softer sensations maybe the next time your nipples want something more intense. This is not for the mind to figure out beforehand, but it comes from checking in and seeing what feels amazing in the moment. 


Try the Nipple Erector Pumps Set and feel like your partner is sucking on your nipples or these nipple suckers coming in 2 sizes: normal and XL.

This is already very pleasurable. But why stop here when you can get even more?


Let’s talk about more stimulation now that your nipples are really into play!

The Pleasure Pump with G-spot Vibrator works like a pump, but the built-in tongue is there for you to enjoy and you are the commander, so use it the way it feels the best for you.

Vibrators for your nipples

Most nipples love vibrations. Especially vibrations combined with some nibs. So simple vibrators like the Screaming-O My Secret Vibrating Mascara or the Screaming-O Yeah (this is a cock ring still it is perfect for nipple play) will fly you right to heaven.

 The Blush Temptalia Titillator was designed especially for nipples. It is a combination of  different kinds of sensations, vibrations, rotations all for creating a paradise on Earth. 



Check out the Suctions toys as well and allow yourself to be blown away by all the options.


What about pain?


Some people’s nipples are really into pain. So you will find a big selection of nipple clamps as well, but if you also want pleasure combined or more dynamic pain, check out the vibrating nipple clamps like the Power Pinchers or the Nipple Clamps with Vibrating Bullets.

I’m really encouraging you to play with your nipples, and if you feel that they are not sensitive enough then wire them for more pleasure and explore different kinds of sensations including the superlight ones. Sometimes feathers and blows can create more sensation than a pinch. So explore more. And not “just” in a cold state, but turn yourself on in general and when you are turned on, swap to nipple play for a little bit, before shifting your attention to another area. And repeat this from time to time.

 Allow yourself to become more orgasmic. You have more to experience than what you have thought possible.

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