Is this extreme water based lube really better?

Having a water based lube is essential. It is safe to be used with condoms and also with any kind of toy. Silicone toys are super popular, unfortunately most of them would absorb silicone lube, but water based lubes don’t cause this problem. 

Still silicone lubes tend to be longer lasting and more slippery. Most water based lubes become sticky after a while. Some sooner, some later. When this happens, you need to add some moisture (water, saliva, more lube) to revive the lube. 

When you find a really good water based lube you don’t have to reapply (or at least not many times), and you can just enjoy the smooth, delicious contact.

This is why I’ve made it a mission to find the best water-based lube. Of course this can be different from person to person, due to sensitivity, purpose or other feature differences.

ID Extreme -  Supreme Lubricant

I was very curious about this lube for a while. It says high performance, rich and slippery on the packaging. The black, silver and grey packaging looks a bit edgy. And it has a pump-like lid that is easy to manage, but you need to squish the tube in order to have the gel inside.

As you tilt and rotate the packaging, the lube doesn’t move much, so it is a thicker gel. When I pumped out a pea size amount it stayed well on my skin even when I moved my hand up. Of course it started to move with time but very, very slowly. I was really impressed by this.

When I decided to rub it in, it was easy to spread. I massaged it all over my hand and fingers (just the pea size amount) it was so thin that it felt like really well moisturised skin that was a bit slippery, and felt very natural even after minutes. If I didn’t spread that much I could feel the gel-like texture and at the same time it was so nice and slippery.

Of course how the skin on my hand reacts to a lube is not necessarily the same thing as how my clit, labia, pussy or anus reacts. So I couldn’t wait to try it out everywhere.

On my hand as I massaged the lube (when it was not spread everywhere) My finger had just circled and circled and circled and circled and it was as slippery and easy as at the first touch. And it was the same on my genitals. It hasn’t become sticky at all (which surprised me), actually what happened was that after a while my skin started to absorb it. And this took so much time that I didn’t need to reapply. But I am usually easily wet, so maybe you feel like you want to add more.

I am usually generous with how much lube I start with, and hence pumping it on my clit didn’t mean that it ended up all over, so I didn't have to worry about the lube ending up on my sheet or blanket.

It has a bit of a sweet taste. I would call it the general lube taste and scent. Mostly neutral with a little bit of sweetness. So the taste won’t turn people off from oral sex.

So far so good, right? 

What is it that I don’t like about this lube? 

It contains paraben and glycerine. So if your skin is very sensitive or you are concerned about using parabens, you should look further. 

I’m going to test other lubes too, so we are up to find the right one for you.

I personally didn’t have sensitivity problems. I find the ID Xtreme - Supreme lubricant surprisingly long lasting and very slippery. I really love the consistency of it as well.

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