3 kinds of orgasm that you want to experience regardless your gender

Orgasms are my favourite topic. I’ve become a sex coach because I struggled with orgasms. I felt broken (just like all my clients with orgasm challenges), left out of something that was so natural to other people. Today I’m super orgasmic, enjoying a huge variety of orgasms, and it is my mission to support people to light up from head to toe, cum with ease and have access to riding the waves of pleasure.

It is possible to expand the orgasmic potential for any gender. It is a skill that you can build. People in paralysis have had “transferred orgasms”, where they experienced very similar, orgasm like sensations in their thumbs or other body parts. (If you want to know more, read about Rafe Biggs.)

Yes, some orgasms are related to vulvas or prostate or penises... so you need these body parts to experience them. And lots of people don’t even try to expand their orgasmic possibilities. Don’t be them. Experience the best of a life full of juicy pleasure and satisfaction that is available to you.

There are even more options than these three, but let's go step by step.
And the first step is to know that these orgasms are on the table for you. 

What would be possible for you if you could forget all the limitations and go for the elevated experiences that are waiting for you?


Nipple orgasms

I hear a lot from people that their nipples are not sensitive. This is very common. Women usually feel ashamed of it. Men find it normal not to feel their nipples.

What if I tell you that even if at this moment you don’t feel your nipples much, it is possible to wire them for pleasure and make them more orgasmic? I have male bodied clients who are able to experience nipple orgasms. It feels like uncontrolled, electric, pulsating waves of aliveness in the nipples (very often accompanied with pelvic pulsations). 


Probably lots of you remember the adult movie Deep Throat. Yes, it is totally possible to really have oral orgasms. 

When I first experienced a throat orgasm I was blown away. We had an intercourse with my partner. The moment my vaginal orgasm kicked in, he changed position and my throat was full of him. My orgasm expanded. I still had my vaginal orgasm, but I had a way more intense experience in my throat. Since then I have had a few throatgasms, sometimes from kissing. You don’t need to have a deep throat experience in order to have an oral orgasm.


Energetic orgasms 

Have you ever seen an energetic orgasm demo? The “giver” is hoovering his/her/their hands over the “receiver” body. The receiver’s body is moving and they are experiencing full body pleasure. You can also have energetic orgasms by yourself. You don’t need a partner to experience them. 

Also the giver doesn’t really need to “believe” that it works, and they can still “provide” energetic orgasms to their partners who have the sensitivity to have orgasms even without being touched.

The most amazing thing is, that after witnessing an energetic orgasm demo, lots of people find themselves to be more open to energetic orgasms.

Usually it starts with kryas (the body is shivering from the sexual energy), and later on they start to open up to full body energetic orgasms.

What kind of orgasms have you ever experienced? What are you doing to expand your or your partner’s orgasmic potentials?

Do you have a question or want support? You can always write to me an email at sexcoach@playblue.ie .

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