Top 3 Rabbits with Moving Rings

Rabbit Vibrators are still after all these years the single biggest selling category and in the last year or two we have noticed the change with the addition of extra moving or thumping parts. We now have rabbits that thrust, suck and have thumper plates and flicking tongues. These can all seem a little intimidating and overly complex but all offer a unique kind of pleasure.

I want to concentrate on one of these new innovations: the Rabbits with moving rings which have become much more common and affordable. Years ago old style rabbits often had beads that supposedly moved but to be honest they were poor. Now we are talking slick smooth silicone rechargeable wonders with controllable moving rings embedded to get that bulging thrusting sensation that traditional rabbits just can’t.

(One of the PlayBlue Product Videos showing the rings in action)

I have a couple of personal favourites but let’s talk about a top 3. We’ll go up in price and function but all three are pleasure machines and wonderful choices.

Sweet Smile 3 Massage Rings Rabbit  - The newest and cheapest entry on this list but also my favourite. It just does exactly what you’d expect. The three rings can be independently controlled and have 3 speeds. Their coverage for me is wonderful and the soft touch texture of the silicone make them pleasure waves. I also like the way the rings are not too uniform giving a variety of massage as they move inside you.

Vive Sora - Another 3 ring rabbit from a PlayBlue favourite brand Vive that is a high quality option. Total control and the magic Vive Orgasm Full Power Button is always a winner. The Sora is a powerhouse and full sized. At almost twice the price of the Sweet Smile I’m not sure but a brand and product guaranteed to satisfy. Build quality is all there and probably the most powerful rabbit in this list.

Evolved - The Ringer - This is a step up again. A dual ring silicone rabbit that also thrusts to emphasise the moving rings. The thrusts and rings seem to sync making the movement bigger and massages deeper. High quality build and brand make this a premium option that is a joy to use. The dearest but definitely the best looking in my opinion. 

Moving Rings are an added bonus in a Rabbit but with the affordability now this should definitely be something you should consider when choosing a rabbit vibrator. The rings when not being used just become grooved ridges but if you need a little penetration with your clitoral pleasure the moving rings could really be a revelation.

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