Quarantine Is a Once in a lifetime Opportunity

Ok it’s absolutely shit everything is closed and fear and anxiety is running rampant.

But like most things in life there is always a bright side. We are getting a once in a lifetime chance to press pause on the normal everyday rat-race and spend some serious quality time with our immediate family. You are getting the opportunity to finally learn the guitar you bought and have in the corner but never touched or get fit at last. We literally have run out of excuses because we all (except front-line staff obviously you are amazing) have a load of time to fill for literally the first time in our adult lives.

Quarantine Boredom

I was stuck yesterday as I was sitting in the Kitchen playing board games with my two teenage girls and my wife at two in the afternoon on a Wednesday and it wasn’t lashing snow outside and Santa wasn’t warming up the reindeer - this is an amazing chance to spend time as a family.

Also of course it should be the ideal time to kill some time in the bedroom with a little time to explore and no need to rush a quicky this time. 

This is a precious time and my advice is try to build a little structure in your day.

  1. Don’t waste it down the Facebook rabbit hole. 
  2. Get up at a reasonable time, it doesn’t have to be 7am but don’t make it 11am either, unless you are doing some lovin’. 
  3. Eat as healthy as you can, I know it’s simple to fall into constant snacking but try to get some of the good stuff in. 
  4. Easy on the drink - A slippery slope and a month stuck indoors with a drunk is no ones idea of great craic. Drink gobbles up your enthusiasm and zest for life.
  5. Build in some daily exercise, walking, jogging, there are tons of workout programs online for absolute beginners. 
  6. Don’t sit in front of the TV all day, read, paint, jigsaws, learn an instrument, write etc.
  7. Outings are great - Tramore beach is 10km up and down and a beautiful walk. Climb one of the gorgeous mountains in Ireland Slieve na mon is great for beginners easy to find and follow, not too steep but always a workout (of course if unsure if you are well enough don’t - We have enough crap going on in hospitals)
  8. Make time for distant loved ones, make the calls and include a call you haven’t made in ages each day - reconnect.
  9. Have loads of sexy time with your partner or some self lovin.
  10. Be nice to yourself and to those around you we’re all in this together.

Make this the best quarantine you can have because pray to God it’s the only one we’ll ever have.

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