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Suction Stimulators are still very new to the market and I bet even in 2 years time hardly any of the below will make the list. They are nearly 100% focused on clitoral stimulation and work using air suction or pressure to send waves of air pressure to your most sensitive areas. The suction increases blood flow and is one technique that nearly universally works to enable women achieve orgasm. Some women don't like vibration but suction clitoral stimulators use a different stimulation technique to deliver incredible orgasms often trying to mimic the feeling of oral sex.

The launch of the Womanizer in 2016 was something totally unique in sex toys. It was a massive success and obviously spawned a load of imitators. In reality the market is now dominated by two brands the original Womanizer and Satisfyer both German sex toy brands and both creating the best suction stimulators in the world.

If vibrators are something you just never warmed too or you have them all and are looking for something new then the list below might just be for you.

Here is a list of our absolute favourite Top 5 Suction Stimulators. We've rated the stimulators based on features, price, power and experience. Not always the most expensive and I'm sure everyone won't agree but here is our Top 5...

Satisfyer Pro3+ Vibration - €59.95

satisfyer-pro3Satisfyer have literally flooded the market in the last year with incredible Suction Stimulators. They use a patented Air-Pulse Technology to deliver waves of suction. This works incredibly well and when you add the option of 10 speed vibration with it, this will blow your mind.
The Pro3+ has also the advantage of an extra large opening to ensure it stimulates a wider area making it suitable for nearly everyone. It's Satisfyer so you have Medical Grade silicone, Rechargeable, IPX7 waterproof, Incredible Satisfyer guarantee, Suction+Vibration. I could have choosen the Pro2+ which is just as good. This is top of the range build and features for an incredible price.


Womanizer Duo - €219.95

Womanizer DuoIt would almost be a crime to not include a Womanizer on this list and the Duo is brilliant combining Clitoris Suction stimulation with G-Spot vibrations for blended orgasm perfection. Saying all that I almost excluded it as Womanizer know how to charge and the price of the Duo is by far the largest on the list. If money is no object the Duo delivers in spades though. It offers a world of options and its build and features range is impressive.
If you can look past the price the Womanizer Duo is one to definitely consider but probably not for the beginner.


Satisfyer Traveler - €39.95

Satisfyer-traveler-smallThis is one stylish Suction Device. A discreet magnetic cap is a brilliant storage solution making it easily portable. Same Air Pulse power and technology to the larger versions in the Pro2+ and Pro3+ in a handy travel size. As usual with Satisfyer it's packed with standard features, waterproof, Rechargeable, Satisfyer Guarantee etc. This is an incredible discreet travel size Satisfyer that delivers every time. No vibration function might make some pause but at €39.95 the value it gives is incredible. Perfect for starters, or as a handy travel Satisfyer.


Twitch Handsfree - €69.95

Twitch SuctionMaybe not the most stylish suction device on the market and not from one of the big two brands. But it offers something a little unique. Dual motors offer powerful suctions combined with vibrating nodules that sit on the clitoris. This is a handsfree power horse that might not be the most subtle or discreet of devices but you place it, switch it on, lie back and it will deliver handsfree orgasms every time. Rechargeable, Waterproof and Powerful the Twitch is definitely one we love and the only Suction Stimulator making the list that isn't Satisfyer or Womanizer.


Satisfyer 1 Next Generation - €19.95

Satisfyer-1Now this is a simple Suction Stimulator offering Suction at an incredibly low price. So as a beginner device this is perfect. How Satisfyer can make and sell this for less then €20 is beyond me to be honest and should be classed as bargain of the year. This is obviously not the top of the range device and can't really claim to compete with the Pro3+ or Duo but the Suction is still incredible and it still as a pure Suction devices can compete with the best. There are of course compromises but compare this to the Duo and it's hard to make a case for the price difference. Our biggest problem is keeping it in stock. 
If you have ever had an inkling to try Suction Stimulators you have no excuse at under €20!


So what do you reckon? Did we get it right? I could give honourable mentions to the Ritual Shushu and the Javida Sucker Rabbit.

Money no object and you just want the best go for the Duo or the Pro3+/Pro2+. If you want a great device but wanna be able to afford food go for the Pro3+ or Twitch. First timers or on a budget go for the Satisfyer 1 or the Traveler.

They are an experience and it is something you just gotta try.

Disclaimer:- This blog post was written in October 2020 and obviously in the future there might be other Suction Stimulator that should make this list and of course prices may change. We will endeavour to keep this post up-to date.

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