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Couples vibrators were launched as a unique category with the release of the We-Vibe back in 2008. They are designed to be used during sex with the majority designed to stimulate the clitoris and penis and often the G-Spot during the intercourse.

The original We-Vibe was a C-Shaped vibrator with a vibration motor on each end and this design is still by far the most popular. Of course couples vibrators can also be used for solo play and actually work really well as personal devices.

At PlayBlue we've stocked the We-Vibe since day 1 and we still stock them today. I've always found them intriguing and I find it hard to believe that everyone is not at least a little curious to how they would feel. Here is a list of our absolute favourite Top 5 Couples Vibrators. We've rated the vibrators based on features, price, power and experience. Not always the most expensive and I'm sure everyone won't agree but here is our Top 5...

Satisfyer Double Joy - €39.95

Satisfyer Double JoySatisfyer may not have invented the couples vibrator but God they've perfected it. The Satisfyer Double Joy is a couples vibrator that has the lot. Medical Grade silicone, Rechargeable, IPX7 waterproof, Incredible Satisfyer guarantee, Dual Motors, Super Flexible and App Controlled. This means remote play is possible too. It really is a struggle to fault it and at only €39.95 if one of the cheaper on the list too. It really is top of the range build and features for a bargain price.


We-Vibe Match - €139.95

We-Vibe MatchThe We-Vibe is the original and still to many the best. Over the years the We-Vibe has developed and has landed now on the We-Vibe Match as the best version. All the great features you'd expect, medical silicone, rechargeable, waterproof etc. It also includes a separate remote control so you can control the play. The We-Vibe match is beautifully made and designed the built and deserves to be on the list, easily a match for any other couples vibrators on the market but be prepared to pay a premium for the We-Vibe brand.


Satisfyer Double Whale - €29.95

Satisfyer Double WhaleI know the Satisfyer Double Joy is only €39.95 but the Double Whale is the budget version. All the standard Satisfyer features that make them unique, Rechargeable, Dual Motor, Silicone, Guarantee, Waterproof etc. The only real difference is the lack of the App Control feature. The Double Whale is controlled like most traditional vibrators with buttons. Make no mistake about the budget price this is an incredible Couples Vibrator for the price. If you were ever even a little curious, then find out if it's for you for less then €30!


Fun Factory Manta - €99.95

Fun Factory MantaNo this is not a mistake. The Fun Factory Manta doesn't look like a couples toy and I'm sure loads of people don't use it like a couples toy but it really is an incredible couples pleasure device. First it obviously offer play options for her and him but used during sex it is one of the most focused controllable pleasure additions we've ever used. Held at the clitoris the man's penis is stoked the length of the vibrating manta tips as he penetrates. He gets the vibrating ride of his life and she gets it both ways up. Oh and it's Fun Factory so German design and Features ensures this will last. What's not to love?


Fun Factory Be-One - €69.95

Fun Factory Be-OneNow for something completely different. With the Fun Factory Be-One. You become the vibrator. It is probably the most intuitive vibrator we've ever used and so natural. The Be-One does not get in the way like some vibrators. It is small and fits snug between the index and middle finger. Then every caress can become explosive. Fun Factory again so the best in design and build quality and features. A great addition to any foreplay.


There is a great mix of couples vibrators there and I still am amazed the value around. When the first We-Vibe was out it cost €149.95 and it wouldn't hold a candle to any of the above. If you are a first timer, not too sure and just fancy trying it out the Double Whale it is perfect. If you want to play with it and control the action go for the Match or Double Joy. If you want to get something a little different and want something new the Manta and Be-One are fantastic options.

So just grab a partner and play?

Disclaimer:- This blog post was written in September 2020 and obviously in the future there might be other Couples Vibrators that should make this list and of course prices may change. We will endeavour to keep this post up-to date.

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