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We have a policy to support adult brands. We believe brands create innovation in the market and concentrate on quality to grow and enhance their brands. Most adult stores sell a load of own brand sex toys that generally are white-label cheap copies of established brands. We believe this is only detrimental to the whole industry.

So we decided to highlight our partner brands much more with their own locations on our website.

Our first impression was “God we have a load of brands”, it kind of sneaks up on you. You add new products all the time to keep up with the latest trends and innovations then you take a seat back and find you stock almost 100 brands including all the biggest brands in the world. For the savvy brand buyer now we have an easy way to choose the specific brand options you are looking for. We have excluded a few of the most obscure and dated brands from the list but all the biggies are there.

A selection of some of our best selling are :-


A German brand that just won’t stop innovating. They have a selection that continues to expand and grow in all directions. Known for quality and innovation and very aggressive pricing they are one of our biggest selling brands and a firm customer favourite. We deal directly with Satisfyer to get the best prices and access to their latest offerings before anyone else.

Rocks Off

A UK brand we have supported from day one with PlayBlue and a brand that our customers have always loved. Originally known for Anal & Prostate play toys they have in the last few years moved towards more female friendly toys and couples play. We love their edgy styling and the market segments they tackle. Again we deal directly with Rocks Off to get the best deals possible for our customers.


Not a household name like the brands above but for our money they make the best dildos on the market. They have developed a unique patented Silexpan material that feels incredible and is thermo-reactive for amazing sensations and play options. By far our biggest selling dildo brand and one you gotta try. Like all the best brands we deal directly with SilexD too to get the access to the full selection and best prices.


Still the big Daddy in male sex toys, Fleshlight is one of the market innovators and drives much of the attention. It is a name that has become synonymous with male masturbation toys. A brand we have loved and supported for years. Known for build quality and innovative masturbators that customers love. From their best selling Stamina STU through to their Fleshlight Girls and Boys ranges they continue to loom large over the market.


A brand that has exploded the last few years to become the de-facto high end high tech pleasure giant. Built on distance play toys and to be honest chat room play Lovense has become a must have brand for couples looking to stay connected. A brand that doesn’t skimp on quality or features to make the absolutely best sex toys possible. Not cheap but you get what you pay for.


From humble beginnings Doxy has developed the most trusted and reliable love wands on the planet. They are engineered to last and with an almost industrial build quality, they feel like a real tool of pleasure. There is nothing subtle about using a Doxy, it is big, brash and loud but by God it delivers. If you want the best wand vibrator you can buy you get a Doxy.


Another market innovator that single handedly created the whole suction stimulators segment. Now suction stimulators are being latched onto everything but if you want the original experience then you really need to go to the experts i.e. Womanizer. They build only high end so not for the light of wallet but sometimes it is hard to put a price on pure pleasure.

Honourable mentions to Svakom, Penthouse, AutoBlow, Tenga, Skins, Vive and Bathmate all incredible brands we love but how long can a single blog post get?

So why not checkout all our brands.

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