Go Big or Go Home

Here at Play Blue we often have customers visit us in store who want to buy ‘the biggest cock we have to offer’. This is an admirable goal - we’re all for pushing your boundaries. But oftentimes when people actually see how big our biggest dildos are in person they get intimidated and switch to something more modest. This is fine of course - you do you, boo - but you don’t have to be afraid of using a big sex toy if that’s what you want to do. There are a few simple things to remember to help you conquer both your fear and your 12 incher - no matter where you’re putting it.

Unfortunately playing with massive toy isn’t as easy as deciding you want to do it, and then shoving it inside yourself. No matter how much you like dildos, if it’s your first time using something like the 18” Dick Rambone it’s gonna be a bit of a shock to the system. Think about it like this: you wouldn’t climb a mountain without planning first, right? Dick Rambone is your Everest.

If we continue with that flawless metaphor, if Dick Rambone is Everest, then lube, sex toy cleaners and maybe an anal douche if you’re that way inclined, are your…mountain shoes (I’m not one for steep inclines). Before you use a large toy inside yourself, it’s especially important to clean it and (if you’re putting it in your butt) maybe yourself. Not everyone likes to douche before anal sex, but if you’re going to be going deep it definitely could give you piece of mind that there won’t be any nasty surprises.     

Regardless of whether you’ll be using it for anal or vaginal penetration, lube is your best friend. Use lots of lube and take breaks to reapply frequently - your innards will thank you. When you’re actually playing with the toy, take your time. It helps if you’re relaxed and comfortable - and being aroused definitely doesn’t hurt but we’ll leave that to your discretion. It’s important to listen to you your body - find a position that allows you to have control and try out different motions. Do what feels right to you!

When first inserting your toy start slowly. Initially begin by gently but firmly pressing your chosen opening. Instead of taking the plunge straight away try different movements to allow your body to accommodate the toy - try a slight in and out or rotation. It’s also a good idea to work up to the bigger toys with fingers or smaller toys first. Eventually you should be able to slowly insert the toy a little bit. You can then begin to gently move your toy in as deep as is comfortable - but stop as soon as you feel resistance.Now you’ve found your limit, you know how far you can move it in and out - which you can do to your hearts content! (Not that we need to tell you twice.)

Next time you try you should be able to move it a little bit further and before you know it you’ll be able to take the whole thing! It’ll get easier every single time - and it's so worth it! 

There are a couple of important safety tips to remember when playing with larger toys. Most importantly: accept your limits! The deeper your toys are going the more careful you have to be - you want to avoid bruising and tearing so going beyond comfortable is not the way to go. Always stop if there’s excessive pain or bleeding and do not be embarrassed to get medical care if something goes wrong. To sum it all up: take it slow, listen to your body and use lots and lots of lube. You’ll be at the top of the mountain in no time.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite for a bigger toy, why not peruse some of our best options? We have a whole Big Dildo section for your enjoyment!

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