Sale Prices Extended until Christmas

Now with Halloween out of the way we can start to carefully mention the word Christmas. We want you to have a fun and pleasurable Christmas so we’ve reviewed all our prices and made as many cuts as we could. We plan to keep the prices of all our sex toys at these rock bottom prices until at least Christmas.

We don’t believe in all this ‘hurry hurry 1 day left’ nonsense we just keep a constant look at our costs and prices to make sure we are offering the best products at the lowest prices. We don’t wait for Christmas or Valentine’s to make gesture Sales announcements, you can rest assured that our prices are as low as they can be all year around.

We might do the odd special like our Christmas announcement or where we have an excess of stock of one item. Maybe we might want to offer a product at cost to help our customers decide but low prices and the best customer service in top quality sex toys are what we are all about.

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