Electro Sex Toys - Do you Dare?

We just got the ‘lectric in. In PlayBlue terms this means we have entered the world of Erotic Electro Stimulation or EES for short.


If you check out the website you’ll see that our list of brand shops in growing almost daily and one of the new ones is the ElectraStim Store. For the uninitiated Erotic Electro Stimulation is where you use a low electrical current to stimulate various erogenous zones of the body to height sexual stimulation during sex. It may sound a little scary to some, but with a little knowledge and taking it at your own pace, there really is a new dimension to your sex life to discover here.


To get started you will need a Power Kit which manages the current and has the controls. Then you can purchase the electro sex toy attachments like Love Pads, Butt Plugs, Vaginal Probes or Cock Loops or a host of other mysterious attachments. My advice for anyone getting started is get a small kit and see how it goes. If it works for you all the attachments can be purchased separately to help you grow your EES kit to be the erotic arsenal of electro toys you always dreamed of. So add a little spark to your love-life with our shockingly cheap ElectraStim love tools.

P.S. I apologise for the poor jokes at the end. Talking about sex and electricity, too many jokes, I tried my best to resist but just stumbled at the end…sorry.

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