Best Price Guarantee

We are so confident in our pricing we are now offering a real Best Price Guarantee. This is not just more empty grand promises. We are backing this up with hard cash.

If you find or purchase our products cheaper from any Irish physical store or online store then we'll at least match that price and refund you the difference if you purchased off us.

How PlayBlue Can Offer a Best Price Guarantee

We are really the biggest sex shop in Ireland by nearly any measurement. Products in Stock, Gross Sales, Number of Customers etc. This gives us great benefits in the market as we get shipping at the lowest price, advertising at scale, fixed costs are lower per order etc etc You get the idea.

But what we also get is great buying power from our suppliers which we constantly exert to get the absolutely lowest prices we can. Then at PlayBlue we price differently too, because we are the biggest we have the scale to have the lowest margins as we only need to make a small bit off each order to be up. We are not interested in gouging our customers we want you to be delighted with your PlayBlue purchase and come back and shop with us next time too.

We don't price match this and track that we just get the products at the lowest price, add the smallest margin in the industry then sell it to our customers.

What it boils down to is if someone in Ireland is selling sex toys cheaper then us they either have a load of knockoff dodgy gear or they are closing down.

Just follow the link to see the Full details of our Best Price Guarantee and Shop with total confidence.

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