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Spencer & Fleetwood


Stick A Dick On A Geek

Stick A Dick On A Geek

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An excellent twist on the family favourite 'Pin the tail kn the Donkey', Stick a dick on a Geek is a must-have for any hen do or party wanting a little added geek chic...

From the popular Stick a Dick range comes the Geek edition with his cheeky grin, kept hair and svelte physique; you'll want to take the first turn!..

However if this thumbs up throwing nerd doesn't do it for you, then why not grab your own geek to fill the cut-out aperture as you fondle for the right spot?..

This reusable game comes with a novelty blindfold and a selection of silly willies to stick to the Geek!

Materials : various
Size : 52cm x 82.5cm
20.5" x 32.5"
Power : None Required
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