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The Super Enjoyable Vibrating Ring is a cock ring that also features a small bullet vibrator for additional stimulation for the wearer and receiver. It is made of a stretchy material so it can fit users (and dildos) of different sizes.

Pros: Adjustable, easy to control.

Cons: Vibrations may not be strong enough for everyone.

Best use: The Super Enjoyable Vibrating Ring is a soft cock ring. It can be worn on the penis during intercourse to help maintain erections for longer periods. This specific cock ring also has a vibrating portion that can stimulate both the wearer and the person on the receiving end. The Super Enjoyable Vibrating Ring can also be used with a dildo to make it work as a dual action toy. This type of product can be enjoyed by users of various levels.

Material / Texture: This toy is made of TPR silicone and rates a 6 on the Eden Material Scale. To the touch this feels similar to a softer jelly-type material. It is pretty stretchy so that the smaller ring can fit around the penis (or dildo) and the larger ring can be stretched to fit around the testicles. There is a slight smell to this toy when held close to your nose, but nothing overwhelming.

The vibrating portion has many little "fingers" that stick out of it and move slightly due to the vibrations. These are very soft to the touch and can also provide additional stimulation for the receiver (even without the vibrations). The bottom ring also has these little "fingers" that can provide some stimulation for the wearer. The texture may add some drag when putting this on so some lube might be needed.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit: The top of this toy is a mini barrel-shaped vibrator that is positioned on a circle. The vibrating portion is small and does not get in the way when putting this one on. When positioned correctly on the wearer, this can stimulate different areas on the other person such as the clitoris, labia, or perineum. This first circle can be stretched quite a bit (to about 2.5 inches) to snugly fit a penis or dildo. There may be a little bit of drag, so lube might be needed to get the placement correct. Under the circle is a more oval portion which is the part that can be stretched to accommodate the balls. This ring stretches much more than the first ring. Again, lube may be needed to get this on comfortably, but it does stretch a good amount to fit a variety of sizes.

Functions / Performance / Controls: The vibrating portion on this one only has one setting. The vibrations are of a medium strength and they might be enough to get the other person to where they need to be in combination with the movements of intercourse (or toy use). A good thing about this is that it is very quiet and won't be distracting during sex or play time. To control the vibrations you simply slide the button down and they will turn on and stay on. The controls allow the vibrations to not get turned off in use, as it takes a bit of effort to slide the button up or down. The only issue with this is that if your hands have lube on them then it might be difficult to turn the vibrations on and off.

Special features:

Double looped

Removable bullet



Powered By: 2 watch batteries

Control type: Push button

Care and Maintenance: This toy needs to be washed with soap and water before and after use. Due to the fact that this one is somewhat porous, it can't be completely sterilized. With that being said it would be best to use this with one partner only to avoid any unwanted bacteria from being spread.

It can be stored in a plastic bag to keep it lint free and from interacting with other toy materials.

If any lubricant is needed, water based should be the only type used.

Packaging: This cock ring comes in a plastic section that holds the toy and is attached to a flat piece of cardboard. It is not discreet because you can see right through the plastic. Once opened it does not work for storage because it can't be reattached to the cardboard portion. On the back of the packaging there is a little bit of information about the features of the toy and a picture to show how it is worn.

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