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Gleaming Love Pleasure Set - Multicolour

Gleaming Love Pleasure Set - Multicolour

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The Gleaming Love collection presents this set of conical shaped and shiny anal plugs with a gem stone in the base. Made of smooth lightweight aluminium and seamless, these pleasure toys are easy to glide and the increasing size is guaranteed to induce pleasure. The flared base ensures a sense of security while keeping the jewel sitting comfortably between the butt cheeks.

The jeweled plugs are beautifully decorated with a delicate round gem stone. From tip to base the seamless anal plugs feature a glimmering sheen that pairs wonderfully with the sparkle of the matching gem stone. The tapered conical shape of the plugs combines ease of use with erotic backdoor pleasure. The Gleaming Love plugs can be heated or cooled in water before use to provide additional sensations.

A storage bag made of soft velvety fabric that closes with a drawstring is included.

  • Small length 9,0 cm
  • Small diameter 2,9 cm
  • Medium length 11,0 cm
  • Medium diameter 3,4 cm
  • Large length 12,7 cm
  • Large diameter 4,0 cm

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