Fleshlight - Crystal Ice - Butt

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The Fleshlight Ice comes in three different variations, a Butt, Vagina and Mouth orifice. All Ice FL’s now come with the exclusive Crystal inner texture. The sleeve and the casing are both transparent, which allows you to see your penis through the clear material and give you a enhanced visual stimulation.

Fleshlight Ice design: The Crystal insert has five uniquely chiseled pleasure chambers. The first chamber is 0.6 inches wide in the shape of a bulb that is filled with small slightly pointed bumps. The next two canals are 0.4 and 0.6 inches in diameter and are covered with a gentle wave like texture that gets more distinctive the deeper you get.

This is followed by a 0.7 inches wide spherical chamber filled with cylindrical hemispherical bumps. Then follows a tight 0.4 inch wide connector which leads to the fourth chamber that has a grid texture made of rectangular indentations in the walls of the insert. The final chamber of the Crystal is a narrowing funnel covered in a slightly ribbed texture.

Fleshlight experience:

The alternating chamber diameters, bump sizes and rib textures result in various sensations during penetration. Only a select few FL sleeves can provide such a variety in stimulations.

When your enter the Crystal your dick will be greeted by slightly pointed bumps of the first chamber, before your shaft is grabbed by the wave like texture of the following two chambers that result in a marvelous tightness sensation. After that your head is in for a treat when you enter the second spherical chamber which is specifically designed to stimulate your most sensitive area.

When you’re lucky enough to have an above average sized penis you get to experience an intense massage by the grid texture that kind of plucks at your head. If you are really lucky, and sport a porn star sized penis, you will enter the last chamber which is a narrowing funnel.

While thrusting in and out of the Fleshlight, you feel a constant change of tightness and stimulation by the changing rib and bump textures. This stimulates your penis with distinctive sensations all throughout. Also being able to watch your cock glide in and out of the transparent Fleshlight adds some value to the ICE.

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