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The fun never stops with the Oscillating Duo Balls. The super soft balls have internal weights so the more you move, the more they move. Unisex and covered in a beautiful, marblized texture, they come with a stong and durable pull cord for when you just can't take it anymore. 

How to Use Duo Balls 

Duo Balls/Ben Wa Balls are usually used for sexual stimulation and for strengthening and exercising your pelvic floor, by placing them in the vagina. 

Duo (and Ben Wa) balls are two small hollow marbled sized balls that are usually linked with a nylon or silk string for easy removal, but can also be linked with a chain. Ben Wa Balls are usually made of metal, whilst Duo Balls are usually made with hard plastic. Inside these balls is a small weight that moves freely. 

Duo Balls are often larger than Ben Wa Balls and offer increased levels of stimulation, due to the moving weight inside the balls. 

The subtle constant stimulation and sexual arousal afforded by placing the balls into the vagina or anus brings many people to a slow and satisfying orgasm. 

They are also used for strengthening the Pubococcygeus Muscle. This muscle is found in both sexes and controls urine flow and is contracted during orgasm. 

Strengthening of the PC muscle is recommended for women who have recently given birth. Known as Kegel exercises, research has proven that strengthening your PC muscle using these balls will dramatically increase the muscle tone in the vagina and help to strengthen weak bladders. 

This is achieved by forcing the muscles to flex in order to hold the balls in the vagina. The constant flexing of the muscles in the vagina also causes an increase in blood flow to this region. The increased blood flow in this region provokes an automatic increase in arousal levels. 

If you are a first time user of this sex toy, we would recommend you practice on the Duo Balls, as they are lighter and easier to hold in than the metal Ben Wa Balls that weigh more. 

Once you have built up sufficient strength in your PC muscle, you can then move on to the heavier metal Ben Wa Balls. 

Before you start make sure you go to the toilet and empty your bladder. This will make it considerably easier to hold the balls in place. 

Start by putting one ball in and leaving the other ball out. This way you will get internal and external stimulation. This will also allow you to get used to the feeling of fullness you will experience when the ball or balls are inside you. Another advantage to starting with one ball inside you rather than two, is that it will allow you to build up strength in your PC muscle before you contend with the weight of two balls. This will be especially true if you have just given birth and never undertaken any Kegel exercises. 

To insert the balls, lift up one leg and insert the balls gently. Once you have inserted the ball or balls squeeze your PC muscle to hold it in your vagina. You should experience a feeling of fullness and pushing down in your vagina. This is to be expected and you will get used to this feeling very quickly. 

For best results leave the Duo Balls in for several hours at a time. This will increase the strength in your PC muscle significantly. You can also leave the balls inside you whilst you are having sex. This will increase the feeling of fullness in the vagina and stimulate the penis during sex. 

When you are ready to take them out just tug at the attached cord and pull gently. You can also jump up and down or squeeze them out if you are able to. 

When you first start using the Duo Balls we recommend you stay at home when you have them inside you. This is because until your PC muscle has got used to holding the balls in and gains sufficient strength to hold them in whilst you are undertaking normal day to day activities, they will tend to fall out from time to time. This can be rather embarrassing if you are out in a public place. 

Over time your muscles will strengthen and you will become used to holding them in whilst getting on with your daily activities. 

After each use make sure you clean them thoroughly. This can be done using sex toy cleaner or by wiping the balls down with a damp cloth and some disinfectant. Remember to dry the balls off before you store them for future use.

Colour may vary

Product Features

LENGTH max 4"
WIDTH 1.25"
COLOUR black
BRAND minx
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